About our foodbank

Here is an introduction to our project.

West Lothian Foodbank was started in 2012 by Whitburn Pentecostal Church. We opened the first distribution centre in Whitburn in November 2012 by converting what was the Public toilets in Whitburn into a warehouse and office.

Since then we have partnered with other local churches to open distribution centres all across West Lothian. Our aim is to be able to provide help in easy reach of everyone in West Lothian.

We now have 20 paid staff, over 150 volunteers, 7 Distribution centres, a warehouses and a charity shop in Whitburn & Armadale which provides funds to pay for the premises and staff. We also have a “market garden” and a resource centre in Armadale¬† which provides baby, toddler & music classes to families that need some extra support. We do drop ins from many different services including, advice shop, Citizen’s Advice, Access to employment, and many more.

We recognise that donors and supporters of West Lothian Foodbank may express opinions that are not a reflection of the Foodbank values and therefore we cannot take responsibility for such.

A photo of our team in Linlithgow
This is our Linlithgow Team

More pictures will be coming soon!

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