Volunteer Bonnie raises over £1000!

4th December 2017

Phot of Volunteer Bonnie who raised £1002.50 by running a 5k race in 37 minutes for the foodbank
Volunteer Bonnie who raised a fantastic £1002.50 by running a 5k race in 37 minutes on behalf of West Lothian Foodbank

Volunteer Bonnie raised over £1000 by running a 5k race, here’s her story:

The stories Kathleen told me really touched a nerve. No-one should ever have to go without a basic thing such as food, school uniform or a little present for their child at Christmas so I really do applaud the work you all do.

I completed my 5k Supernova run on Saturday and it was so much fun. I couldn’t run for one minute before I started training for this and, as I felt so passionate about helping your wonderful charity, I managed to run the full 5k, with only 4 short weeks of training, in just 37 minutes! I am over the moon but even more over the moon at the support I have had and I am pleased to say my target of £500 has been met and more. I have managed to raise £835 and £1002.50 with gift aid. I really do hope this helps you guys out and can make some less fortunate families a little happier this Christmas. I have had so much fun throughout this process and I hope to work with you guys in the future.

We’d like to thank Bonnie and all of those who generously donated to her fundraising. Without you we simply could not keep the foodbank running.

If you are interested in volunteering either as a fundraiser like Bonnie or as a regular volunteer at one of our distribution centres across West Lothian, or in the warehouse or in any other way please look at our Volunteering pages

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